Why ‘Dhatura’ is Loved by Lord Shiva?

Why ‘Dhatura’ is Loved by Lord Shiva?

As this is the auspicious month of ‘Saavan’, month of Lord Shiva, lets bring to you some of the facts related to the month and ‘Bholenath’.

It is still unknown as to why Lord Shiva is offered Datura? If we dig deep into our traditions and mythology, we can make out that plants hold a great significance dhatura plant is one that has many properties and uses.

Dhatura is also named as Devil’s trumpets, thorn-apple, hell’s bells, moon flower, jimson weed, devils weed and many more. So, coming back to as to why Lord Shiva is offered Datura, there is a story to it.

While the Samudra Manthan (the churning of ocean) was taking place, Shiva drank the Halahala poison and Datura flower came out of his chest. It is therefore considered to negative the effect of poison, possessing some poisonous qualities itself.

By offering the Datura plant to lord Shiva, we pray him to remove the toxins like jealousy and envy from our body and soul.

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