Diwali, the most celebrated and awaited festival is here. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by Hindus and it also mark the new year of the Hindu calendar. People worship Goddess Lakshmi and wish for luck and wealth from her. So, this Diwali we are giving you some tips to attain lot of prosperity as given by Dr. Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha, Celebrity & Vedic Astrologer.


This Diwali throw away all the useless stuff from your house and surrounding and clean every inch of your abode. Cleaning the house will help the negative energies to go off and positive energies will follow. Donate stuff that you don’t use anymore. This way you make way for new things in your life.

Don’t Miss the Decoration

Fresh flower decorations bring in a fresh breath of positive energy into the house. Flower garlands on the main door are a great way to attract auspicious energies into the house. But do remember to remove them the moment they start to degrade or else the prosperous energy wouldn’t take long to turn sides.

Light the entire house with blinking lights. Lighting diyas on the entryway lights up the path and makes way for good energy to walk right in. Choose the colour accordingly. White can be used anywhere. While red or green twinkling lights in the South zone attract more recognition, a balcony in the North can have blue fairy lights. White and yellow colours can be used in the North West, West, South West and North East zones. Go for green in the South East and East zones. The twinkling lights are a great way to attract prosperity. A Rangoli in the centre of the house or the entrance will attract all the good vibes and will make your entrance look good.

Set the Puja Room Accurately:

The N-E corner of your house is just the right place to set Pooja Ghar. It is advisable to avoid black colour at the Pooja Sthal. Decorate it with yellow flowers and red, yellow decorative papers. Also, when you perform Laxmi puja, avoid wearing black colour and wear bright coloured clothes.
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Place the idols Right:

Placing of the idol plays an important role in a worshipping place. The North portion of your homes is associated with wealth. The ideal place to perform pooja should be North-East. The Lakshmi pooja should be conducted in that direction. Do not keep the two idols of the same God or Goddess at the same Pooja Site. Lord Ganesha should be placed on the left side of Lakshmi ji and Goddess Saraswati should be on the right side. Water of Kalash should be placed in the East or North of the Pooja room. You need to ensure that the idols of the god or goddess should not face each other and not to the doors of your pooja room.

North is the direction of Kuber (God of Wealth). You should place Almirah and Locker in the North Direction. The idol or the image of Goddess Lakshmi should be kept inside the locker. This would increase wealth.

So, follow these tips and bring back luck and happiness this Diwali.

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