Knock Out Your Negativity!

Knock Out Your Negativity!

The way we think, develops a lot of changes in our life both mentally and intellectually.

We human beings are blessed to create a lot of energy both positively and negatively. Our happiness depends on the way we think. If we think positive then we develop positive energies and our negative thoughts give way to negative energy. Any thought, intention or action triggers an emotion which gives the energy a label of being positive or negative.

Negative energy robs you from your vitality and wellbeing, while positive energy rejuvenates, and keeps you in a state of joy, happiness and good health. 

Negative Energies are emotions that are not desirable to people which express; sadness, anger, hate, hopelessness, fear, stress, greed, jealousy, selfishness and pain; while Positive energies are the desired emotions which describe; love, happiness, joy, pleasure, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, kindness, gratitude, hope and peacefulness. It is observed that individuals who possess anger have kidney problem and those who suffer setback and thinks that their life has stopped, develop problem of arthritis.

Males develop arthritis in knees as in Indian culture, men are supposed to work outside and women develop pain in joints between fingers as they are supposed to look after household work. Our thought process can help to heal a lot of diseases only if we wave back the negative thoughts and develop a positive mindset. So, think positive and be happy.

By – Doctor. Madhu Kotiya. PhD (ALT. MED) Body, Mind & Soul Doctor.

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