Tips to attain wealth this Ganesha Utsav

Tips to attain wealth this Ganesha Utsav

Renowned Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha Ji says, money matters as it is required for almost everything in life. So, if you are facing trouble in your business or work, go through the tips below to acquire more wealth from Ganpati.

  1. Instead of a using Ganesh in sitting posture, put a pic or idol of standing Ganesha. This standing position is said to be for higher income.
  2. Then lit a diya with coconut oil and ghee every day before the picture or idol.
  3. Offer the idol jasmin or other flowers during prayer.
  4. Spell the vinakaya shloka (Shuklam bharadaram.)

Shukla-Ambara-Dharam Vishnum Shashi-Varnam Chatur-Bhujham!
Prasanna-Vadhanam Dhyaayeth Sarva-Vighno–pashantaye!

This shoka is for Lord Vishnu and then continue as with below sloka.

1 How to pray lord ganesha“Agaja-anana-Padma-Arkam Gaja-ananam Aharnisham!”

“Aneka-Dam-Tam Bhaktaanaam Eka-Dantam Upaasmahe!”

Along with these tips, hard work is also important and along with that dedication. So, keep praying and working.

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