Special offerings for Devi Durga during these 9 days of Navratri.

Special offerings for Devi Durga during these 9 days of Navratri.

According to the Puranas, the goddess Durga becomes happy immediately after Offerings.

1. On the first day of NAVRATRI, offer pure GHEE of the COW to DEVI. You will get the BLESSINGS of Good HEALTH

2. On the second NAVRATRI , offer SUGAR as a BHOG to Devi. After that DISTRIBUTE it to all the MEMBERS in the HOUSE. It will BESTOW good LONGITIVITY.

3. On the THIRD DAY of NAVRATRI, offer KHEER to MOTHER as BHOG & than DISTRIBUTE it to the BHRAMIN . By doing this you can get LIBERATION from all the MISERY.

4. Offer MALPUA to DURGA MAA on the FOURTH DAY of NAVRATRI and DONATE to the BRAHMINS in the TEMPLE. As the INTELLECT develops, JUDGMENT power grows.

5. On the FIFTH DAY of NAVRATRI, offer BANANA to Maa as a Bhog.

6. APPLY HONEY or Offer HONEY to Devi on the SIXTH DAY of NAVARATRI. This will boost the ATTRACTION POWER.

7. On the SEVENTH DAY of NAVRATRI offering JAGGERY to the MOTHER and giving it to a BRAHMIN gives relief from MOURNING and there is also protection from the EMERGING CRISIS.

8. On the EIGHTH day of NAVRATRI offer COCONUT and DONATE it to some BHRAMIN. This helps to get relief from CHILD RELATED PROBLEMS.

9. On behalf of Navratri on the day of NAVAMI, donate SESAME SEEDS to the BRAHMIN after making BHOG to the goddess. This will RELIEVE the FEAR of DEATH and it will act as a rescue from UNASPECTED INCIDENTS.

Those who have missed can do all at once.

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