Shankh Conch

‘Shankh’ is of greater importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism the “Shankh” is dedicated to Lord “Vishnu”. ‘Shankha’ is highly praised in Hindu scriptures as a giver of fame and prosperity. ‘Shankh’ is of two types one is blown and others for worshipping purpose. The daily blowing of the ‘Shankh’ does save the person from heart diseases. According to our ancient scriptures, the Shankh was originated during the churning of ocean by the deities and Lord Vishnu held it in the form of weapon. As per a holy verse is regularly chanted during the puja ritual it is mentioned that by the command of Lord Vishnu the deities Moon, Sun and Varun are stationed at the base of the Shankh, the deity Prajapati on its surface and all the places of pilgrimage like Ganga and Saraswati in its front portion. Another speciality of Shankh is that the vibrations emanating on blowing it destroys the disease causing germs in the atmosphere. That is the reason it has an important place in Ayurveda and medicine.
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