Gift her good luck this Karwachauth

Gift her good luck this Karwachauth

Charwachauth holds a very important place in a life of a married woman. Every married lady keeps fast for the long life of her husband and opens up the fast after looking at the moon. In North India, karwachauth is celebrated with huge pomp and show. Mother in laws gifts sargi to her daughter in law and even husbands gift to their wifes. So, if you are a mother in law or husband and want to plan a present to gift to you loving daughter in law or wife, here are a few options as suggested by Dr. MADHU KOTIA AS PER NUMEROLOGY. so, choose a gift as per the DOB of your wife:

Gifting option for wife:
1)For ladies whose birth date falls on 1,10,19,28 Gifting a pink colour dress to your wife is a good option as pink colour represents love and affection.
2) For the ladies whose birth date is 2,11,20,29 A pearl necklace will show your love.
3)For ladies having 3,12,21,30 as their birth date, What’s better to take her out for a dinner date!
4)For no. 4,13,22,31 Bangles of green colour is also a good gifting idea.
5)Plan a tour to a nearby place or resort for 5,14,23.
6)How about booking a beauty session at a good salon and make her feel pampered for ladies with DOB 6,15 and 24?
7) For ladies having DOB as 7,16 and 25, Rudraksha Mala in gold chain is a great idea to gift as it enhances love between the couple.
8) If your wife’s DOB is 8, 17 or 26 then a jacket of green or brown colour can also be gifted.
9)Nothing can beat a shopping spree for ladies having DOB as 9,18,27 so take them out for a shopping centre and let them enjoy.

As for the Mother’s in law, Dr Madhu Kotia says that gifting sweets according to the DOB of your daughter in law will strengthen the bond. She suggests following sweets as per the birth date:

For 1,10,19,28 Rasgulla
For 2,11,20,29 Boondi laddu
For 3,12,21,30 Rasmalai
For 4,13,22,31 Pede
For 5,14,23 Kaju barfi
For 6,15, 24Kalakand
For 7,16,25 Ghewar
For 8,17,26Gulab jamun
For 9,18,27 Jalebi

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